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If you build or upgrade your printer with/to DUAL-EXTRUSION (2 extruder) including a heated bed
all the output ports (D8,D9,D10) will be used. In this case there is no option to connect a firmware 
controlled FAN to RAMPS board directly. However in Sprinter/Marlin firmware there is an option already
(Marlin: BOARD=34) which redirects the FAN to RAMPS output D4. But this solution needs a "buffer/driver"
in order to work.

The RRD-FAN-EXTENDER is exactly what you need in this case. It is a plug and play solution to mount the 
FAN for DUAL-EXTRUSION setups with RAMPS1.4. But instead of adding only one additional output port the 
RRD-FAN-EXTENDER is equipped with 2 PWM controllabe channels. The second channel can be used for another 
fan (e.g. to cool the stepper driver) or for adding light control (e.g. add dimmable LED light to your machine)

Technical data of RRD-FAN-EXTENDER for RAMPS1.4

- 2 (PWM controllable) channels (D4/D5)
- max 0.5A per channel (enough for a really big fan)
- flexible output voltage (you can connect the RRD-FAN-EXTENDER to 12V,5V,... in order to support the output voltage you need) 
- each channel has a fly back diode
- easy setup (plug and play)
- already supported by Marlin firmware (choose "#define MOTHERBOARD 34")
- easy to adapapt to other firmware (e.g. Sprinter: just change "#define FAN_PIN 4" in "pins.h")

Package contains:
- 1x RRD fan extender (assembled and tested PCB)
- 1x connection wire (professional made cable)
- 2x cooler fan (40mmx40mm) 
- 1x 2pin header (in case your ramps 1.4 board did not came with this 2 pins soldered

Firmware, hardware and settings required:

You need Marlin firmware v3 or newer. If you are using older firmware, you must re-flash your board.
The latest Marlin firmware is available here: 

Hardware required:
- Ramps 1.4
- Mega2560 board

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RepRap Ramps 1.4 Fan Extender

RepRap Ramps 1.4 Fan Extender

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